Everyone loves stories. And we love telling them.

The truth is, we are romantics. We believe that finding love is the most incredible thing that can happen to you. It is epic. life-changing. It is a time that deserves to be celebrated and seen. Love creates and defines the best parts of you. In each beautiful season of your life--on your wedding day, and all the other moments after and in between, we want to be there to tell your stories of love and connection. We want to capture it all.


We are Dakota and Kris LeBoeuf, a husband and wife photography team based in Portland, Oregon. We first met in photo school, at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, and then freelanced in New York City for a few years. Needing a change of pace, (and waayy more trees and mountains), we packed up our little car and moved cross country. Since then, we've taken root in a little home in NE Portland with our firstborn, Everest Nox. Our marriage, these past five years, has never been about grand gestures or expensive gifts, but it has been a compilation of daily expressions of trust--taking risks, dreaming crazy dreams together, and being open to what love can bring.