The Prayer


"The two of us had decided weeks before the wedding that we wanted to pray together before the wedding while still honoring the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. Amanda told the coordinator, it was added onto the list of activities that day, and neither of us gave it much thought after that point. Then came the day of the wedding – there was excitement, laughing, running around, lots of hairspray and ironing, and not a whole lot of time to just revel in what the day actual was and meant. Just a few minutes before the ceremony would start, we were both feeling butterflies in our stomach, and were excited and anxious to get things going. Then came the time for the prayer. It may not seem like much, but there was something about just holding hands, not being able to see the other person and yet knowing they were there, thinking and feeling the same thing as you, that was so intimate and comforting. It was the only moment of the whole day that we were able to be alone together, and more importantly, alone with God. Neither of us remembers what Jared prayed specifically, and we don’t think the words were what really mattered too much. What mattered was that we both took the time, before standing up in front of 100 friends and family members to say our vows, to tell God how much he meant to us. We vowed ours lives- individually and as a couple- to God before we let any human hear what our promises to each other were. The peace, joy and excitement we both felt after the prayer was overwhelming, and it allowed us to take a deep breath and remember why were getting married."

- Amanda & Jared


This moment was the most sacred and intimate experience we've ever photographed. We were so moved by the sincerity of Jared's prayer and we feel so blessed to have the opportunity to witness the union of such an amazing and Christ-centered couple.