Oliver & Mia's Wedding, Quon-Quon Farms, Massachusetts


Our dear friends Oliver and Mia got married last September 13th (yep, Friday the 13th) in a beautiful apple orchard in Western Massachusetts called Quon Quon Farms. It was surely their lucky day--the rain stopped right before the ceremony and Oliver, with his binoculars, was able to see his bride descend down the hill to meet him at the altar. Their ceremony was the most poetic and literature filled wedding that we've ever shot and attended, where loved ones graced them with music, Shakespeare, and a few other readings. I was so touched by how heartwarming their love story was and how poetic it continues to be. We feel so blessed to call these kind, magical, souls our friends for they inspire us by how beautifully they love each other.

Oliver picked a few of his closest friends to photograph different parts of the wedding. We shot alongside Josh Treadaway and Justin Nunnink (the best man) and it felt so good to see these guys and be back in MA, the place where it all started--where we all went to photo school. It's been three years since we graduated and it was amazing for us to catch up and each tell tales of what we've been up to.

Dakota and I were in charge of the getting ready and the family pictures and we happened to take a few more shots along the way. Here are our favorites from Oliver and Mia's Lucky Day. We hope you like them!