The Oregon Coast


These past two months for us have been a whirlwind of travel and work. The summer is flying by and we’ve barely been home to savor it. Being back in Portland has brought all sorts of things up to the surface and last week was spent in a haze, trying to process through what we’ve experienced since relocating, finally taking the time to have a good hard look at where we are at.

Pursuing a creative life isn’t easy and as few people will care to admit, no matter how beautiful the pictures, the process can be quite messy. Embracing the hard times and loving the struggle is still something we are working on. Most of the time we feel disorganized, diving into many projects, spreading ourselves too thin and then learning from our mistakes. When things get a little crazy, we've found that it is crucial to immerse oneself in experiences that replenish the soul, whether it be connecting with friends, reading a book or taking a long walk.

For us, it is finding our way back to the sea.

The sea’s loneliness, vastness, strength, and constant return, fortifies us and brings a sense of calm. With the ebb and flow of the tide, it gently reminds us that struggles pass as fluid as water, powerfully changing and shaping us in ways unknown. This shaping over time is beautiful and imperfect. So many drops of water go into it, rain, storm, the gravitational pull of the moon. Even though it is impossible to see past the horizon, it forces us to see past our limitations. It is this sense of the unknown that we need to hold on to; for this, after all, is what it means to be human.