MEGAN & ZACH, Portland, OR

Kris and Dakota were stellar from day one. I reached out just 3 months before our wedding date, and they were so wonderful to make it all happen, and with such grace. They were open to everything—my budget, location, etc. On the day of, Kris was so great at getting the family and bridal party to organize. And WOW--the photos are so phenomenal-!!! I adore each and every one. The different perspectives of the wedding made for gorgeous photos that captured the feeling and ambiance. They immediately take me back to the day, the setting, and the emotions. The thoughtful candids and posed shots of my friends and family will be something to cherish forever.


BONNIE & BEN, San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much FOR THE AMAZING PICTURES!!!

We LOVE them SO MUCH! The night we got them we stayed up until 1am looking at all of them. We were able to share with our families the following weekend and they also we amazed by what a great job you two did!! We truly appreciate all of your hard work and feel so honored to have your talents shared with us on our special day. 


MONTANA & BAILEY, Charleston, SC

Good Lord!! The venue, the lighting, the mossy trees...the LOVE!!! You captured it all. I could look at these and re-live the moment OVER, and OVER again. Thank you for making this the most perfect day!!!

-Kate, Mother of the bride


MEGAN & BILL, San Francisco, CA

We LOVE our photos! So many great shots we will treasure for years to come. Can’t wait to share all these with our friends and family. We are so grateful you guys were there to capture all the memories of our special day. 


MATT & KARI, Chattanooga, TN

We could not have asked for a better experience with a wedding photographer. They captured every moment perfectly and made us feel so comfortable and at ease. Their joyful attitude was contagious to everyone who came in contact with them and made it impossible not to smile constantly! The formal pictures were quite painless and quick despite the fact that it was hot, yet they turned out SO beautifully. It truly is amazing how well they captured the ceremony and reception even though I never noticed the photographs being taken. I think what I am most grateful for (besides the fact that they traveled all the way to Chattanooga) is that during the reception they noticed the perfect lighting and pulled us aside to take a few portraits. We would never have thought of that and am so thankful they did! We are so very thankful for our lovely friends and the gorgeous pictures we will look back on for the rest of our lives.


AMANDA & JARED, Los Angeles, CA

Kris and Dakota, you did such an amazing job with our photos; you were both professional and genuine, and we felt completely comfortable working with you. You two captured every moment that was special to us, and went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. Because WeRomantics is a husband and wife team, you understood what we would want from our wedding photos, and were able to be in two places at once so that no moment went unnoticed. We have the best wedding pictures ever! So thankful for you and Dakota and your talent! You were a pleasure to work with, and we would highly recommend WeRomantics to anyone!